Conducting Events for Industry Professional

Проведение мероприятий для специалистов отрасли

In accordance with its goals, the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress carries out a number of regular events which include:





1.Seminars-discussions of development and application of new coal technologies at Russian enterprises

     а. On July 23, 2009 Moscow hosted the 1st Meeting of the Non-Commercial Partnership for Support of Mining Industry Development on issues of innovations

2. Assistance in international conferences and seminars organization

     a. A speech of G.L. Krasniansky, President of the Non-commercial Partnership was prepared for the Beijing summit on October 26–27, 2009.

3.  Meetings of the  WMC Russian Organizing Committee.

Conducting World Mining Congress Events

Conducting World Mining Congress Events The principle objective of the Russian Organizing Committee is the World Mining Congress activity management in Russia.

The Russian Organizing Committee holds and finances World Mining Congress meetings in Russia.







Conducting World Mining Congress Events

Members of the Russian Organizing Committee take active part in international events held by the World Mining Congress:





World Mining Congresses History


Year City, Country No. of Countries Motto of Congresses
1958 Warsaw, Poland 13 Mine Construction
1961 Prague, Czechoslovakia 17 The Improvement in Mining Economy
1963 Salzburg, Austria 30 Science and Technique in the Fight for Safty in Mining
1965 London, Great Britain 42 Modern Mining
1967 Moscow, USSR 44 Technical Progress in Mining
1970 Madrid, Spain 52 Science in the Service of Mining
1972 Bucharest, Romania 49 Organization and Management in Mining
1974 Lima, Peru 55 Prognosis of the Development up to the Year 2000
1976 Düsseldorf, Germany FR 61 Exploitation and Benefication of Mineral Raw Materials by the Minong Industry — A Key to progress
1979 Istanbul, Turkey 45 Mining and Mineral in the Service of Mankind
1982 Belgrade, Yugoslavia 56 Mineral Raw Materials — A Factor of the World Economy
1984 New Delhi, India 47 Optimal Exploitation of Solid Mineral Resources — Challenges and Constraints
1987 Stockholm, Sweden 66 Inprovement of Mine Productivity and Overall Economy through Technology
1990 Beijing, China 69 Mining for Future — Trends and Expectations
1992 Madrid, Spain 57 The Mining Outlook
1994 Sofia, Bulgaria 54 The Mining Industry of the Threshold of XXI Century
1997 Acapulco, Mexico * 51 Mining — The Basis of Civilization in the Changing World
2000 Las Vegas, USA** 100 Everything begins with mining
2003 New Delhi, India 47 Mining in 21st century: Quo Vadis?
2005 Teheran, Iran 23 Mining and sustainable development
2008 Cracow, Poland   New Challenges and Visions for Mining
2011 Istanbul, Turkey    

* AIMMGM Congress included
**Together with MINEXPO

Independent Coal Extraction Project Assessment

Independent Coal Extraction Project Assessment

Members of the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress, include the best mining engineers and executives. We have extensive experience in the Russian mining industry. Our services include assessment of a wide range of mining, processing, marketing and financing projects in the industry.





International Collaboration Stimulation

One of the goals of the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress is stimulation of international collaboration of Russian mining companies.






1. Participation in international associations:

2. Assessments of advanced international practices

3. Foreign specialists' involvement into projects implementation at Russian mining enterprises.

Scientific and Technical Collaboration in Metal Mining Industry

Scientific and Technical Collaboration in Metal Mining Industry

The Russian Organizing Committee realizes scientific and technical collaboration for the purposes of development and adoption of new technologies in the Russian coal industry.


Key directions:



  1. Seminars with participation of Russian scientific and research companies. The experience of innovative carbon technologies implementation, ongoing issues and future goals are discussed. 
  2. Analysis of foreign experience of innovative technologies for coal extraction and treatment; analytical reports and periodicals.
  3. Participation of the Non-Commercial Partnership in the international organizations which are  targeted at scientific and technical development in the coal industry.

All members of the Russian Organizing Committee: