Anatoly Borisovich Yanovsky

Anatoly Borisovich YanovskyA Member of the Russian Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress

Born on February 22, 1957 in Moscow.

Graduated from Moscow Mining Institute (1979) with the specialization of «Technology and complex mechanization of underground mineral resources mining», qualification: mining engineer. Candidate of Science (Engineering) (1987), Doctor of Economics (1995), professor of economics and mining production planning (1999).

From 1993: Deputy Director General for Market structures Formation and development of the State Enterprise «Russian Coal Company».

From 1997: First Vice-President of Rosugol JSC.

From 1998: Deputy Fuel-Energy Minister of the Russian Federation.

From 2000: secretary of state, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

From 2004: Director of the Fuel-and-Power Sector Department of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russia.

Participated in preparation of a complex scientific and technological advance forecasting, coal industry development and arrangement planning, key coal industry restructuring areas for the Russian Federation, «Energy strategy in Russia for the period up to 2020».

Author of over 100 publications in scientific and technological advance forecasting problems, market relations development and coal industry restructuring, development of energy strategy for the country.

Winner of the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation (2000) for creation of a system for energy and economic safety monitoring in the regions of Russia.

A member of the Supreme Mining Council. An active member of the Mining Sciences Academy, a corresponding member of the Natural Sciences Academy, the International Information Academy, the International Academy of Natural and Social Sciences, the International Economic Safety Academy.

Married, has two daughters.